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with King Charles III during my Degree show exhibition in London.


"Art Essentials that guide and hold your hand"

For all Tezhip artists, passionate creators, non artmakers or someone trying to find a new hobby, we’re super elated to introduce an artkit, Handmade specially and Carefully curated with all love, dedication, excitement and has just everything you need to make a perfect
artwork. Hope you’ll have a wonderful experience creating your own masterpiece.


I specialise my fine art practice in Islamic Manuscript Illumination, using Handmade pigments and Genuine gold (18k- 24k). My work is a reflection of my faith/ what I believe in. I always had a calling towards illumination/ gilding and these illuminated works strike a perfect balance between Nature’s beauty and the Artist’s work. The material mainly used in the illumination is gold. Vegetal and floral motifs inspire the designs in Islamic Art, but their spirit resides on a higher plane of Divine qualities. Nature is a reflection of these qualities and is regarded as a proof of the Creator’s power.



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