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Shadiya hails from the God’s Own Country – Kerala, India. A graduate in Visual Media and Communication, her love of art evolved from digital art to Islamic art. Her passionate enthusiasm in the form of continuity and an obsessive interest in the healing effect of geometric patterns made her follow the path towards the study of traditional art and took her to Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts, London.

She currently focuses on the genre of Islamic Manuscript Illumination. She wishes to take her studies and interest in Islamic art forward in its most authentic form.

Her initial exploration in art included oil painting, metal embossing, glass painting, and artistic techniques like marbling, pottery, and more.

“I feel my heart at peace when I'm creating art. And I’m told that my art reflects the tranquility I enjoy during the process of creation. I feel blessed to have these hands and this mind that can create a thing of beauty for souls to admire, and I promise myself to perfect my craft every day so they can enjoy them in its most original form.”

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