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Nur and Ruh

(Headpiece format)

Handpainted Nikahnama

-A one piece memorabilia of your Nikah!

 Nikahnama or the contract of marriage is a document which entails all the details of the nikah. We bring to you an opportunity to make your nikahnama a piece of art. Each design can be personalized with the names of the couple, marriage date, place of marriage, and mehr amount(optional).

All designs allows for personalization and we are able to customize our nikahnama styles by event (nikah, anniversary).

All nikahnamas start with Bismillah and an Arabic verse. Colours and the gold used (genuine 24k or imitation) can also be customised according to your budget; how about a nikahnama that matches your wedding outfit? Oooo perfect😍 

If there are any other text customizations you need (more or less signature boxes, or to add parents name etc..) please don't hesitate to contact us.

All nikahnamas are sized A3 and the price vary according to the design.

A proof will be sent before painting and writing the text. Any change after the nikahnama has been made will be done at an additional cost.

Place your order atleast 3-weeks prior to your big day.

Submit the form below to customise yours

or email me the details at

Image by Nic Berlin

Hello here,


Now it's the time to choose your design! browse and tap the links attached to pick your design for the Nikahnama

Design: Nur


Design: Ruh

Design: Ishq

Personalise your Nikahnama here!

If you are filling the form for an anniversary, please include the 'annivesary year" in the additional column given below.

Select an item (₹)

Thanks for your order!​once you've given your order form details, you will be receiving an email with a link to make the payment. Order will only be confirmed after making the payment.​Please note: it takes minimun two weeks to produce the Nikahnama, if it's an emergency order- email me to know the details!

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