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[may-rah-kee] • Greek


(n.) to put something of yourself into your work

Soul. Creativity. Love.

that guide and hold your hand"

"Art Essentials

For all Tezhip artists, passionate creators, non artmakers or someone trying to find a new hobby, we’re super elated to introduce an artkit, Handmade specially and Carefully curated with all love, dedication, excitement and has just everything you need to make a perfect artwork. Hope you’ll have a wonderful experience creating your own masterpiece.

Each artkit comes with;

• Handmade brushes 

• Walnut crystals

  • Ahar Papers

Rest everything needs to be preordered to be included in the artkit.
• Handmade paints (in shells)
• 24k gold shell ( Ready to paint )
• Burnisher (Agate stone)

let’s break it down!
~ the kit contains vibrant paints, (preorder your choices) perfected in our studio, all made from semi precious and natural stones, absolutely handmade, generously filled and packed in shells. 

Yes you read it right. Shells. But why shells?

Sea Shells were the first ever objects used as personal decoration in middle Stone Age. They were crucial inspiration for artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Clara Peeters etc. and they always created curiosity. Traditionally, sea shells were used as paint pots during medieval times. The shells also make it easier to reconstitute paint when they’re dry. In short, It’s a natural paint pot. And here’s our little step towards protecting environment as shells are natural and eco friendly. Also aesthetics. Forget boring normal paint pots!


The cracks in the paints are natural and it doesn't effect the quality of the paints. Make sure to preorder the paints. To activate the paints, just add a few drops of water and they’re ready to use.

The colors included are:


“ a noble color,beautiful, the most perfect of all colors”

~ Cennino Cennini, Book of Arts. A semi precious gemstone which has been famous among humans since ancient times for its ultramarine blue color,with minute pyrite crystals, sometimes gold in color, creating beautiful golden shimmer. It symbolizes wisdom, truth and strength. Lapis is the latin word for “stone” and Lazuli is taken from the Persian word  “lajevard”/“lazhuward”, means sky/ heaven. This finest and most expensive (once more precious than gold) of all blue pigments was used by some of the most important artists of renaissance and baroque, including Vermeer ( girl with a pearl earring), Masaccio.



Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral and is the oldest known green pigment. It symbolizes transformation and positive changes. The name comes from greek “malache”meaning mallow in reference to green leaf color. It’s one of the very popular greens of creating manuscripts, medieval paintings in Europe and Asia. Malachite had been used in ancient Egyptian tomb paintings, and was crushed into pigment powder to make eye cosmetics. It’s also found abundantly in Japanese and Chinese paintings from the 7th century onwards and can be found in European paintings during 15th and 16th centuries.



Rose madder is a distinctive - rose colored pigment made from the roots of the common madder plant, Rubia Tinctorum.
The color is traditionally associated with femininity, Goddess of love, beauty and perfection, blood of Isis. 

The production of a lake pigment from madder seems to have been first invented by the ancient Egyptians (1500 BC). It was first used as a dye for fabrics.



Yellow ochre is a natural mineral consisting of silica and clay owing it’s color to an iron oxyhydroxide mineral geothite. It was used in cave paintings many thousand years before.
This permanent pigment can be mixed with other pigments. It symbolizes gladness.



Titanium white is the strongest, most brilliant white available to artists in the entire history of art. The pigments natural ore is rutile. Titanium pigment was discovered in 1821. It is used in pottery glazes and enamel and is considered world’s primary pigment for providing whiteness, brightness and opacity. It’s considered as the symbol of purity and cleanliness.



Lamp black is the oldest known black pigment. It is produced from the residual soot from burning oil and it’s name comes from the practice of making it with oil lamps. It’s considered as one of the oldest pigment. Lamp black was used in Egyptian tombs and mural. It is also used abundantly in calligraphy and manuscripts.


walnut crystals are dark brown hued. They’re used traditionally for outlining. Just add water and viola! Your walnut ink is ready.



Made of squirrel hair. The brush is pointed and has a curved tip, perfect for fine outlining and
detailed painting.



Handmade ahar paper also known as muqahar is traditionally prepared and are ready to use.
The paper creates a barrier between the paper fibers and the air, making it less absorbent so
the ink would not penetrate the surface and spread. It helps you to erase mistakes and make
retouches without affecting the texture of the paper.


WhatsApp Image 2022-09-20 at 12.56.38 PM.jpeg

The shell gold is powdered and made into paint form and is ready to use.

₹:2000/- (PreOrder)


 Tool used to polish the gold.

Dog tooth shaped, made from agate stones. Makes your artwork glossier.

₹:1500/- (PreOrder)

Everything in this perfectly curated kit is handcrafted and sourced from Indian artisans.
So get yourself an art kit and create wonderful masterpieces.
Let's Illuminate the world together :)

For International orders-contact me via email.


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